Z8106AX industrial routers to improve manufacturing efficiency

Case Study


in modern manufacturing, precision and efficiency are essential. The integration of remote monitoring systems for CNC machine tools driven by industrial routers represents a major leap forward in optimizing production processes. Use ZBT network system to realize seamless connection with field automation control equipment, and use industrial routers to establish encrypted OpenVPN tunnels through 4g/5g wireless networks. This enables real-time data collection, supports proactive maintenance strategies and prevents unforeseen events.


1. What is the role of industrial routers in remote monitoring of CNC machine tools?

industrial routers are the key to creating a seamless connection between CNC machines and central data centers. They facilitate uninterrupted data transfer and ensure the continuous flow of critical information. It is an integral part of the digitalization of the production capacity of the production line.

2. How does OpenVPN encryption enhance data security?

OpenVPN create a secure, encrypted tunnel between the ZBT industrial router and the data center. This ensures that all transmitted data remains confidential and prevents unauthorized access, thereby enhancing overall data security.

3. What are the benefits of real-time data acquisition on CNC machines?

Real-time data collection gives operators and maintenance teams instant access to important metrics such as temperature, vibration, capacity intervals, and performance metrics. This enables them to make informed decisions, quickly address emerging problems and implement preventive measures.

4. How can forward-looking maintenance improve work efficiency?

proactive maintenance. This shift from passive to active extends the life of CNC machine tools, minimizes unplanned downtime, and significantly increases overall productivity.

Customer Case Study: XYZ Manufacturing Inc.


XYZ Manufacturing Inc. is an upstream aerospace components company. With the increase in industry requirements and standardization, companies are faced with the challenge of optimizing production processes while ensuring the highest quality and safety standards.


XYZ Manufacturing Inc. revolutionized its more traditional operating model by implementing a CNC machine tool remote monitoring system integrated with the OpenVPN of the ZBT team. Wireless devices are seamlessly connected to their automation control equipment for real-time data collection. This data is then transmitted securely through a OpenVPN encrypted tunnel over a 4G/5G wireless network to a central data center.


benefits are obvious. XYZ Manufacturing Inc. experienced a 30 percent reduction in unplanned downtime. From the production capacity data collected from the on-site production line, we can learn more about the feasibility of optimization, thereby significantly improving overall productivity. The ability to proactively resolve potential failures has reduced maintenance costs by 25% %, further improving profits.

In conclusion:

the integration of ZBT custom routers into the remote monitoring system of CNC machine tools, coupled with OpenVPN encryption technology, has been recognized by the market as a new rule to change the manufacturing industry. This seamless connectivity and increased data security paves the way for a new era of efficiency and productivity.

As XYZ Manufacturing Inc. has demonstrated, the benefits are tangible and transformative. This is essential for any visionary manufacturing company.

Created on:2023-10-24 16:37