Authorized CNC Operation: The Power of Remote Monitoring

Authorized CNC Operation: The Power of Remote Monitoring


, precision, scale and automation have reached unprecedented heights. Leading this effort is CNC (computer numerical control) machinery, which is the key to the digital production line of contemporary enterprises.

ZBTlink IoT technology is expected to improve product quality and optimize personnel efficiency at the lowest cost.


, however, the heavy investment in CNC machinery makes any disruption of operations a costly affair. Whether it is partial damage, reduced production efficiency or a complete cessation of production, the financial impact can be far-reaching. In order to reduce these risks and ensure seamless operation, leading machine tool manufacturer XYZ Corporation seeking a solution for remote monitoring and maintenance of its distributed CNC machinery.

Requirements and Key Points

, the proposed solution requires a multi-faceted gateway with wireless LTE support that ensures fast network access even in the absence of an Ethernet connection. Security is critical and requires a strong firewall to protect it. Reliability is non-negotiable and requires fault tolerance and automatic recovery for uninterrupted 24/7 communication. Edge computing is indispensable, preprocessing data at the source to optimize the efficiency of cloud-based systems. In addition, the hardware needs to withstand the harshest industrial conditions, including strong electromagnetic interference, and the operating temperature range is -20 to 75°C.

ZBTlink solution: Z8105AX-M2-T

Z8105AX-M2-T is an industrial LTE router that seamlessly connects CNC machines scattered across different industrial sites to a centralized cloud platform. Through seamless integration with the programming expertise of the ZBTlink team, the cloud system can selectively collect and analyze critical operational data-from the health of the machine to the complexity of its electrical control system, and even remotely operate CNC machinery.

can realize the remote operation of CNC machinery, instead of simple monitoring and data acquisition, and realize the operation of semi-unmanned production line.

Through the magic of Python programming, [Product Model] performs edge computing tasks. This includes data collection, monitoring, filtering, cleaning, security, storage, submission, and logical processing-all at the source. Supports cloud-based multi-site, multi-device, and multi-user operations for optimal efficiency.

unquantifiable reliability

Z8105AX-M2-T ensures reliable, low-latency communication between the CNC machinery and the central cloud center. Dual SIM capability and multiple network interfaces provide redundant transmission links, multi-layer link detection and recovery protocols to ensure uninterrupted communication. Engineers can monitor real-time operations, respond quickly to failures and develop preventive maintenance strategies-saving a lot of manpower and costs.


-Dual-link backup ensures uninterrupted operation, seamlessly switching to the standby link in the event of a primary link failure.

-Dual SIM card support supports backup between different carrier networks to ensure continuous communication.

-Embedded Python SDK allows custom development and has Microsoft Azure IoT certification.

-Programmed in Python, edge computing support provides a wide range of data processing and analytics capabilities, tailored to specific needs.

-Real-time alarm function notifies the cloud monitoring center and maintenance engineers in a timely manner under abnormal conditions in the industrial field.

-As a completely industrial-grade solution, it provides unwavering, secure and stable data transmission links for unattended sites.

Z8105AX-M2-T: Reliability meets accuracy.

Created on:2023-11-16 16:03